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For many of us, the struggle to lose excess body fat is a significant stressor in our lives. We strive to reclaim our health, by eating nutritious foods, staying physically active, and getting enough quality sleep, but too often, we still find ourselves stuck and frustrated with our weight loss progress.

But the overwhelming problem of obesity isn't just about "will power." Years of unhealthy lifestyle habits can actually change a person's metabolism into one that is sluggish and poorly conducive to weight loss. Eating right and exercising may not be enough.

At Summit Medical Care Center, we are proud to offer our patients a new tool to use in the fat-burning process: B12 lipotropic injections, otherwise known as lipo injections in Broomfield.

What Are B12 Lipo Injections in Broomfield?

Regular B12 lipo injections have been shown to accelerate and support weight loss in people who maintain a healthy wholesome diet and an adequate exercise regime.

Our Nurse Practitioner, Amy Galloway and other healthcare professionals can provide these special injections to their patients. These injections are made with all natural ingredients, including:

  • Minerals and vitamins, including B12 B6, and choline
  • Amino acids
  • Antioxidants

Together, these ingredients can promote whole body wellness and improve the function of several major areas within the body, including the nervous system, immune system, hormones and metabolism, and digestive system. Many of these natural compounds have even been shown to improve mood and other psychological aspects of a person's life.

B12 lipo injections are considered safe and effective. Like any medical procedure or supplement, there are some risks of side effects, including injection site tenderness, stomach upset, and, more rarely, allergic reactions. These side effects are generally mild, if present at all, and typically go away within a few days following injection.

What are the Benefits of B12 lipo injections?

People who receive B12 lipotropic injections report several benefits, including:

  • Increased fat burning and accelerated fat loss
  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased energy

Anecdotal reports also note that B12 lipo injections can enhance liver function, improve digestion, improve cholesterol levels, and reduce free radicals (which cause harmful oxidation and inflammation inside the body). For people truly struggling with weight loss, these injections are a great alternative to more invasive and drastic measures including surgery and liposuction.

Of course, results from B12 lipo injections can vary from person to person, depending on individual factors including medical history. And it's important to note that for maximal effect, lipo injections must be used in conjunction with and not instead of healthy lifestyle habits including quality nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Nothing can replace a clean diet filled with fresh produce and quality protein, physical exercise, and a good night's sleep, but adding B12 lipo injections to your path to wellness could make the difference you've been waiting for.

Are Lipo Injections in Broomfield Right For You?

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