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If you are suffering from neck, shoulder or back pain in Boulder, Colorado Spine & Disc can help. We’ve been alleviating pain for Broomfield area residents since 1997. From sciatica leg pain treatment to neck stiffness, our Boulder chiropractic clinic is here for you.

Our Boulder chiropractor, Dr. Brad Richardson, has been providing pain relief treatment for all types of conditions, including back pain, spinal stenosis, sciatica, whiplash, headaches and migraines, herniated discs, and many more.

We are located in Broomfield, CO less than 15 miles from Boulder. When you are faced with pain, you need a Boulder chiropractor who listens to your needs and can take care of the problem at the source. Our commitment is to provide you the highest standard of personalized chiropractic and wellness care in a gentle, efficient and professional manner. So no matter if you sustained a football injury at the University of Colorado Boulder or got sciatica pain while shopping at Pearl Street Mall for the first time, we can help.

What Makes Us Different

- Serving Colorado since 1997
- We treat all types of conditions
- 2 FREE visits for Spinal Decompression & Laser Therapy
- Patients love us
- All major insurance plans accepted
- Same day appointment available

Lower Back Pain? Our Boulder Back Pain Chiropractor is Here

 While back pain usually isn't fatal, the pain can be crippling. Back pain is very different from pain in more isolated areas of the body because you need your back so much for support. For example, pain in one of your hands may not be nearly as difficult to deal with as back pain since you may be able to do some things with one hand effectively.

If your back pain is pronounced, you might not be able to do anything. Our chiropractor emphasizes restoring the full functionality of your back through gentle non-invasive adjustments of the spinal cord. Relief can begin almost right away and may improve with each session.

Hi. I'm Bill Sandberg. I injured my back lifting too much weight. Overtime I've been in severe pain for probably almost a month. Got to the point to where I wasn't going to live with it and I found Dr. Richardson and he provided treatment—decompression. Saw him and went in for the first couple of treatments it was substantial notice about getting better. Been doing probably 27 treatments now am almost pain free completely. 

-- Bill Sandberg, Spinal Decompression

Call Colorado Spine & Clinic at (303) 625-9231 to schedule your Boulder chiropractic appointment today! Are you visiting Colorado from out of town, and need to see a chiropractor in Boulder? We accept same day appointments.

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