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Chiropractic care in Broomfield helps improve your health through holistic or “whole-person” wellness practices. It can treat a wide variety of conditions using non-invasive techniques. At Summit Medical Care Center in Broomfield, CO, we can create a treatment plan for you. Through chiropractic care, our doctors will not only diagnose you and treat your symptoms, but look for the root of your problem. This way, we can restore your overall health and well-being.

What We Offer in Broomfield

There are many ways you can benefit from visiting our chiropractors. Since we offer a wide range of services, we can always find a way to help our patients. From neck, back, and joint pain to headaches, arthritis, and sciatica, our licensed chiropractor can treat it.

  • Pain Management
    Not all pain is created equal. Some painful symptoms are indicative of very serious issues. That’s why it’s important to come in for a thorough assessment of your condition right away. After that, our team of experts can create a treatment program best suited for your needs.

    • Our holistic approach to health means that we go beyond the obvious symptoms that you may be suffering from. Instead, we want to determine the deeper relationship between your injury and other systems in your body. Treating the condition itself, as opposed to the symptoms, will give you longer-lasting relief.
  • Spinal Manipulation
    Whatever health challenge you have, our team is ready to help you overcome it. One of the most popular forms of treatment in chiropractic care is spinal manipulation. This focuses on correcting any misalignment in your spine using non-invasive chiropractic adjustments. This technique also helps improve your overall health.

    • Another benefit of spinal manipulation is that it is not only meant to repair your body, but also to prevent it from easily acquiring illnesses. This ensures that your health stays at its best.
  • Regenerative Medicine
    Many forms of treatment fall under chiropractic care. This variety allows us to form a personalized treatment plan for your condition. Our clinic offers stem cell therapy, which implants new cells to help repair injured tissue in your body. This method can treat minimal or severe injuries.

Additionally, our chiropractor offers

  • Massage therapy
  • Allergy testing
  • Laser therapy
  • Trigger point injections
  • and many more forms of treatment.

Visit Our Clinic

Ultimately, our team’s goal is to provide you with long-lasting relief and healing. At Summit Medical Care Center in Broomfield, CO, we are sure to have a treatment option that is right for you. Call us today to make an appointment for your consultation. We look forward to helping you work towards a healthier life.


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