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If you never imagined having a laser beam directed at a painful or injured area of your body with the aim of relieving pain and stimulating healing, then you'll be amazed to learn about the benefits of low-level or laser therapy. Here at Summit Medical Care Center, we used an even more advanced form of this state-of-the-art technology called a Class IV laser in Broomfield to deliver targeted pain relief and tissue healing for a wide range of health challenges. Take a look at what this form of care can do for you.

How Class IV Laser Therapy Works in Broomfield

A therapeutic laser is a very different device than a surgical laser, even though both instruments emit a focused beam of amplified light. A surgical laser is designed to emit a beam with enough energy to cut and cauterize tissue. By contrast, a low-level therapeutic laser emits light in a frequency range that passes through tissue without cutting or burning it.

Chiropractor Broomfield CO Dr. Brad Richardson Neck Pain ReliefAs a laser makes its way under the skin surface, the energy causes the cells' mitochondria to produce a cellular energy source called ATP. Your cells can then use this ATP to jump-start their repair capabilities, allowing for faster and more thorough healing of damaged tissue. The beam's energy also increases the circulation in the tissues, improving fluid drainage and feeding more healing nutrients to the tissues while also relieving inflammation-related pain.

The Class IV laser represents the latest development in this technology, unlike the older, weaker Class III lasers, a Class IV laser can penetrate more deeply below the skin, cover a wider treatment area, and produce superior pain relief.

What to Expect From Your Treatment Session

We may recommend Class IV laser therapy for conditions such as soft tissue sprains or strains, chronic inflammatory issues such as arthritis, neuropathy pain or nerve damage, fractures, TMJ, back or neck pain, sciatica, sports injuries and whiplash injuries. A laser session usually last 10 minutes or less and causes no discomfort whatsoever -- you're more likely to feel a soothing warmth as the energy begins to work. We may prescribe a series of such sessions, or even ongoing sessions for chronic pain treatment, to help you enjoy optimal results. Class IV laser therapy makes a useful complement to other healing modalities such as chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy.

Learn More at Our Broomfield Clinic

If you're ready to experience a drug-free pain relief and healing method that's in a class by itself, then you're ready to learn more about Class IV laser therapy.

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