Neck Pain Treatment

Your Broomfield Chiropractor Dr. Brad Richardson has successfully treated neck and upper back pain for over 25 years.

Sedentary lifestyle, sitting in front of a computer, looking down at a laptop/mobile device for extended periods of time, whiplash, poor posture and other chronic or acute injuries cause neck pain.

Poor sleep posture or inadequate neck support are contributing factors for neck pain.

Cervical and thoracic herniated or bulging discs also contribute to neck pain and even numbness in arms and hands.
patient with back pain needing relief from chiropractor

After a thorough exam and possible x-rays and other diagnostic testing, Dr. Brad Richardson uses the following modalities to treat your neck and upper back pain:

Chiropractic Adjustments: Chiropractic adjustments focus on realigning and balancing the spine so that the body can heal naturally and without the need for medications or surgical intervention.

Decompression Therapy: a non-invasive mechanical traction therapy that promotes healing and space in between the discs.

Class IV Medical Laser Therapy: another non-invasive, extremely therapeutic and effective treatment that reduces inflammation, reduces scar tissue and pain chemicals.

Muscle Stim / E-Stim

Massage Therapy

At-home Exercises and Ergonomic Guidance

There is no downtime to any of our treatments. We also treat failed neck surgeries and help our patients avoid surgery. Get back to your quality of life again!

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