Non-Surgical, Drug-Free Neuropathy Treatment in Broomfield, CO

Neuropathy treatment in Broomfield CO

That annoying tingling, sharp pain, muscle weakness or numbness in the extremities isn't something to be ignored -- not that you'd have much luck ignoring it anyway. These symptoms are often described as neuropathy because they're related to one or more malfunctioning nerves. It can be caused by everything from a pinched nerve root to an underlying case of diabetes.

 The good news is that you don't have to submit to surgery, radical treatment to destroy an "angry" nerve or a lifetime of heavy painkillers -- not when you can take advantage of Summit Medical Care Center's all-natural neuropathy treatment in Broomfield, CO.

  • Neuropathy can manifest itself in a variety of ways, all of them unpleasant. You may experience:
  • Sharp "pins and needles" sensations in the hands and feet
  • Unexplainable skin hypersensitivity
  • Loss of motor control in a muscle or muscle group (cramps, spasms or weakness)
  • Loss of sensation

One of the most common and justifiably worrying causes of neuropathy is diabetes. Uncontrollably high blood sugar can damage nerve tissue, producing symptoms of neuropathy while also sabotaging your health in many other ways, from vascular damage to loss of vision. Other forms of neuropathy have their origins in nerve compression. A herniated disc that pushes against a major nerve root, for instance, can make the signaling all along that part of your nervous system go haywire, producing many common neuropathy symptoms.

Treatment for Neuropathy in Broomfield CO 

If you're looking for non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical neuropathy treatment in Broomfield, CO, look no further than our chiropractic team at Summit Medical Care Center. In addition to examining your medical history, we will evaluate your spinal alignment to look for possible nerve impingement that may require treatment.

Chiropractic adjustment, spinal decompression, and other natural, drug-free treatments can release trapped nerve tissue and relieve pain. We also employ the NewLife Healing System, including Class IV laser therapy, Wave Therapy, and spinal compression, to help you overcome neuropathy symptoms.

Even the peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes can benefit from the natural treatment methods offered at Summit Medical Care Center, although getting underlying causes of diabetes under control takes first priority to keep additional nerve damage and other health problems from occurring.

Chiropractic adjustment can help normalize nerve signaling and other functions throughout the body, it can reduce the severity of the tingling, numbness, and pain you experience while helping to preserve your optimal health. Our massage therapy services can also bring relief by boosting the circulation, calming irritated nerves and reducing fluid buildup that may be aggravating the neuropathy.

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Don't let a case of untreated neuropathy end up ruining your ability to enjoy and participate in daily life. Call us at Summit Medical Care Center in Broomfield, CO today at (303) 466-3232 to set up an initial consultation with our doctor. We can help you feel better through all-natural care goes right to the "nerve center" of your pain!

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