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Pain Management with Our Broomfield Chiropractors & Medical Staff

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Summit Medical Care Center relies on a wide range of holistic healing techniques to provide natural, drug-free approaches to pain management and other wellness needs. Our therapies are provided by chiropractic experts who daily treat patients suffering from a range of pain-causing conditions.

If you are tired of living with pain and want to address it without medication, it’s time to come see how chiropractic care can help you today. Our doctors offer compassionate, gentle, noninvasive care in a calm setting, so that no matter what you are suffering from, you can get the help you need quickly.

Why Manage Your Pain Today?

Living with pain limits the activities in which you can engage in, makes both work and play more difficult, and can impact normal activities such as sleeping or walking around. Eventually, constant pain can become very dispiriting as well, leading to depression, anxiety, listlessness, and an overall diminished quality of life.

Studies also show that the sensation of pain actually reduces the body’s ability to heal from acute conditions or manage the other effects of chronic conditions. Whether you have had an accident and are suffering acute pain, or have a chronic pain condition such as fibromyalgia or trigeminal neuralgia, it is beneficial to manage your pain now.

How Summit Medical Care Center Can Treat Your Pain

Our chiropractic care center takes pain very seriously, which is why we’ve developed a broad range of therapies to help reduce yours today. We use the following treatments for pain management:

  • Cervical and Lumbar Spinal Decompression Therapy - Spinal decompression uses a mechanical device or an inversion table to extend the spine, creating space between vertebrae that may be compressed and creating pain.
  • Trigger Point Injections - This involves injecting medication, saline or other substances at a point of localized pain to relieve it.
  • Supartz Injections - A hyaluronic acid derivative, Supartz is injected directly into the knee to relieve pain and increase functioning.
  • Class IV Laser Therapy - Hot and cold laser therapy treatments include higher and lower levels of light, a noninvasive procedure that stimulates healing and alleviates pain in structures beneath the skin.
  • MiRx Protocol - For those suffering from headaches or facial pain, this nasal spray can provide instant relief.
  • Massage Therapy - There’s nothing like this age-old hands-on treatment for those suffering from aches, pains, spasms, tension or other muscular and soft tissue complaints.
  • Anodyne Therapy for Neuropathy - This infrared light therapy device can help alleviate the symptoms of neuropathy, which include weakness, numbness and pain in the extremities (most commonly just the hands and feet, though the neuropathy can work its way inward).

If you are suffering from any sort of pain condition, chances are we can devise a treatment plan for you that will rely on one or more of the above techniques.

Come See Us for Pain Management in Broomfield

When you’re suffering constant discomfort, there’s no time like the present to seek qualified pain management in Broomfield. Our chiropractic team specializes in helping patients feel their best, and can often provide pain-relief results after a single session. Don’t live with the pain or rely on heavy doses of medication any longer. Contact us to learn how we can help.

New patients are always welcome here at Summit Medical Care Center. In fact, we offer a new patient special: two free visits for laser therapy and spinal decompression, perfect for anyone suffering chronic pain and ready to tackle it. To schedule an appointment for pain management in Broomfield, call us today at (303) 466-3232.

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