Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy, also known as extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), is a non-invasive medical treatment that utilizes acoustic waves to stimulate healing and provide various benefits.

We are seeing amazing results with our shockwave therapy. Our patients are loving the relief! We have the latest technology with StemWave.

In a very short, yet targeted non-invasive treatment, with NO downtime, we are treating:

  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Hands
  • Shoulders
  • Ankles
  • Lower back
  • and more.

Patients are reporting over 80% improvement in range of motion as well as pain alleviation.

See more below, and contact us today to see if you’re a candidate for this incredibly therapeutic modality!

  1. Pain Reduction: Shockwave therapy is often used to alleviate chronic pain conditions, including musculoskeletal pain. It can help reduce pain by promoting tissue regeneration and improving blood circulation.

  2. Tissue Regeneration: The therapy stimulates the body's natural healing processes, promoting the regeneration of damaged tissues. This can be beneficial for conditions such as tendinitis and other soft tissue injuries.

  3. Increased Blood Flow: Shockwave therapy can enhance blood circulation in the treated area, leading to improved oxygenation and nutrient supply to the tissues. This increased blood flow aids in the healing process.

  4. Reduction of Inflammation: The acoustic waves produced during shockwave therapy have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to decrease inflammation in the affected tissues. This can be beneficial for conditions associated with chronic inflammation.

  5. Improved Mobility: By addressing pain, promoting tissue regeneration, and reducing inflammation, shockwave therapy can contribute to improved joint and muscle mobility. This is particularly relevant for conditions like plantar fasciitis and frozen shoulder.

  6. Non-Invasive Treatment: Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment option, making it attractive to individuals who want to avoid more invasive procedures. It typically involves minimal discomfort and has a shorter recovery time compared to surgery.

  7. Versatility: Shockwave therapy can be used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including but not limited to tendinopathies, calcifications, and trigger points. Its versatility makes it applicable in different medical fields.

  8. Minimal Side Effects: In general, shockwave therapy has minimal side effects and risks compared to some other treatment options. It is considered a safe and well-tolerated procedure when performed by trained healthcare professionals.

  9. Potential for Chronic Conditions: Shockwave therapy has shown promise in treating chronic conditions that may not respond well to other conservative treatments. This includes conditions like chronic plantar fasciitis and chronic tendinopathies.