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Summit Medical Care Center provides Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Therapy in Broomfield to help treat a wide variety of nervous system and neurological conditions. Before undergoing treatment, we would like to ensure that you understand more about these therapy types. Here is some important information you should know:

What is Neurofeedback in Broomfield?

Neurofeedback, also known as Neuro Therapy, is a non-invasive procedure where brain wave activity is monitored by a computer in real-time. By monitoring a patient’s brain wave we can adjust the brain wave activity through a process called operant conditioning. We manipulate the patient’s brain wave through the use of positive reinforcement, which helps increase the brain’s learning capabilities.

Understanding the Neurofeedback Process

During Neurofeedback we utilize a computer to monitor the patient’s brain waves while he or she listens to music or watches a movie. When an activity causes a deviation in normal brain wave activity, the computer provides a visual or audio cue that informs the patient about the change. These cues will stimulate the brain causing it to subconsciously readjust itself into the normal brain wave ranges. With enough manipulation, the brain learns to remain within certain brain wave ranges even when exposed to stimulating movie or music. This type of therapy decreases the symptoms of irregular brain wave activity.

Neurofeedback trains the brain, improving attention, alertness, behavior, emotional regulation, mental flexibility, and cognitive function. The brain learns to remain within normal ranges and provides a permanent solution for various issues. Many patients can even stop taking medication entirely if advised to do so by their personal physician. Neurofeedback changes brain wave activity and slowly improves the patient’s brain function, helping reconnect neural pathways that may have been disconnected over time.

What is Brain Mapping?

Our brains are highly complex organs made up of billions of neurons. Neurons are cells that receive and send messages to and from every part of your body. These messages are sent as electrical impulses which produce brain waves. Brain Mapping, also known as Neuro Mapping is a tool utilized to evaluate patient brain waves and identify a lack of “communication” between different sides of the brain. A Brain Map can identify brain activity, analyze the data, and create a visual representation that will provide information about which lobe of the brain the activity has come from and what type of brain wave it is (Alpha, Delta, Beta, or Theta.)

Understanding Brain Mapping

Brain Mapping is done by placing a cap on the patient’s scalp. This cap is hooked up to software that will record and identify the electrical impulses that occur in the brain. The software will utilize the electrical impulses to determine what the patient’s brain patterns are on the individual parts of the brain and will generate a visual representation in the form of a brain map. The brain map will allow us to determine where the problem areas are, which will, in turn, help us determine the next course of action.

Conditions That Can Be Treated Using Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Therapy

Our specialists will utilize Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping to identify issues with your brain waves and manipulate them into becoming stabilized over time. These treatments are used together to treat nervous system and neurological conditions, such as the following:

  • ADD / ADHD
  • Addiction
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Brain Injury
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Dyslexia
  • Epilepsy / Seizures
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Lyme Disease
  • Memory Loss
  • Migraines
  • OCD / Tourette's
  • Parkinson’s
  • Schizophrenia
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Stress / PTSD
  • Stroke
  • Substance Abuse
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Benefits of Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping

Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping therapy offer non-invasive options for individuals suffering from the symptoms of the nervous system and neurological conditions. It allows patients to retrain their brain, allowing for greater emotional control, mental flexibility, attention, cognitive function, and alertness. After prolonged treatment, many patients have been found to function better on a daily basis and some have even been able to minimize or stop their medicine consumption entirely.

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