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Trigger point injections (TPIs) are outpatient procedures to relieve pain caused by trigger points in Broomfield. These small knots can develop in fascia tissues or muscles and cause pain. It’s often used when treatments like physical therapy don’t work to eliminate pain. TPIs are intra-muscular injections that contain a local anesthetic and often an anti-inflammatory steroid to reduce pain. It’s injected into the muscle sites that are causing pain. Common treatment sites include the arms, legs, low back, and neck. TPI is used to treat a number of pain syndromes and other painful conditions.

All about Trigger Point Injections in Broomfield

A common application for TPI treatment is myofascial pain syndrome. This is a chronic musculoskeletal pain condition that results in both local and referred pain and a limited range of motion. Studies have shown that over 90 percent of people with myofascial pain syndrome experience a reduction in pain and improved range of motion with TPI treatment. It’s also effective for fibromyalgia. Muscle pain and spasm often occur in fibromyalgia. With TPI, trigger points are extinguished, and pain is significantly reduced.

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome can develop from urinary tract issues, interstitial cystitis and prostatitis. A Stanford University study revealed that concentrated therapies of TPI significantly improved pelvic pain associated with pelvic pain syndrome. Another effective application for TPI is for patients with chronic headaches. That’s because pain from trigger points in the neck, head and shoulder muscles can cause chronic tension, cluster and migraine headaches. A 2008 study indicated that those with chronic headaches experienced a significant decrease in headaches after TPI treatment. Additionally, TPI is effective for whiplash. Those with whiplash experience an increase in pain threshold and cervical range of motion.

TPI is a choice treatment for pain disorders, as it’s minimally invasive when compared to open surgery. In an outpatient setting, there’s also a lower risk of infection and a quicker recovery time.

Treatment at Summit Medical Care Center

At Summit Medical Care Center., we offer trigger point injection therapy by trained medical practitioners. The medication we use for injections is Sarapin. Sarapin is a naturally-derived compound taken from the leaf and root of the Pitcher plant. And because it’s natural, it’s much safer than conventional corticosteroids, which can damage and weaken bones, cartilage and tendons. Our patients experience wonderful results with Sarapin. Stop hurting and enjoy a pain-free lifestyle with our trigger point injection therapy.

Our Broomfield medical professionals identify the trigger point by manual palpation and mark the site. The injection site is cleaned, and we often use a numbing spray to anesthetize the skin. The needle is inserted into the trigger point, and the medication is injected. Many times, a trigger point is resolved after one injection. Trigger points caused by chronic conditions like myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia tend to reoccur, and trigger point injections may be administered on an as needed basis.

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