Whiplash Treatment in Broomfield, CO

Are you experiencing some painful stiffness in your neck as if its muscles are injured? If so, you may be suffering from whiplash caused by a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck. Whiplash is a common condition in auto accidents but can also occur from fast-moving sports or a high fall. If you need treatment for this disorder, then here at Summit Medical Care Center in Broomfield, Colorado, we are ready to take care of you. 


At Summit Medical Care Center, we have a very qualified and dedicated chiropractor to treat such neck pains causing discomfort to you. Our chiropractic care is state-of-the-art when it comes to treating whiplash. In most cases, the severity of the pain varies from one patient to another. Our healthcare team specializes in regenerative medicine to help patients live pain-free.

Whiplash Diagnosis

Our chiropractor will evaluate your entire spine to establish whether its other parts are also affected by whiplash. Our chiropractor identifies any restricted muscle spasms, ligament injuries, intervertebral disc pain, and restricted joint movement. This examination is done through a method known as static and motion palpation. Our chiropractor will also evaluate the tightness and tenderness in your neck and how the spinal joints move. Depending on the severity of the pain, our chiropractor will customize a treatment plan unique to your needs.

Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic manipulation is the primary joint dysfunction treatment done by our chiropractor by gently moving the affected joint into proper positioning. For pain management, our chiropractor may use a relaxed mobilizing movement.

Muscle Stimulation or Relaxation

Muscle stimulation involves gentle stretches of muscles with increased tension or several inhibited muscle contractions. With the help of finger techniques and gentle stretches, our chiropractic specialist reduces muscle tension and provides pain relief.

Trigger Point Therapy

Our chiropractor can identify a painful, tight area of your muscle by directing pressure onto it to eliminate muscle tension. The purpose of this chiropractic technique is to stimulate the nervous system to reinstate proper spine motion.

Therapeutic Massage

Our chiropractor provides massage therapy to reduce muscle tension from whiplash. Massaging tight muscles is part of regenerative medicine offered by our medical specialists.

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Why suffer from whiplash? If you have sustained an injury caused by an auto accident and are still experiencing pain or discomfort, it is time to see a specialist. Our chiropractor at Summit Medical Care Center provides a range of chiropractic services to patients in and around the Broomfield area. Call us or contact us online to find out how we can help you get back to living pain-free. 

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