Broomfield Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

Chiropractic Broomfield CO Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

At Summit Medical Care Center, we have your back. When you suffer Degenerative Disc Disease in Broomfield, we can provide treatment that is gentle, non-invasive, and does not use medication. If you live in the greater Denver area, including the communities of Superior, Broomfield, Boulder, Westminster, Louisville, or Lafayette, we can help you find pain relief.

What is Degenerative Disc Disease in Broomfield?

Over 3 million Americans suffer degenerative disc disease or osteoarthritis of the spine each year. This disease most commonly occurs in the low back (lumbar region) or the neck (cervical region). If your doctor has diagnosed you with degenerative disc disease, a chiropractor can help relieve pain associated with this condition and help promote spinal wellness.

There are many potential causes of degenerative disc disease. Aging is one common cause, and genetics may play a role too. While traumatic injury can play a role, it is unlikely that something like a car accident would cause degenerative disc disease. Wear and tear and progressive back injuries are likelier culprits.

Whatever the cause of your degenerative disc disease, seek Broomfield degenerative disc disease treatment from a chiropractor.

Common Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease

Most of the time, degenerative disc disease patients feel low-grade back or neck pain, with occasional bursts of acute pain. In some cases, patients find it difficult to walk, bend, lift objects, or twist. For many sufferers, pain is worse when sitting since the discs are compressed.

Over time, degenerative disc disease can also cause the nerves to become pinched. This causes pain, weakness, and numbness in the arms or legs.

How a Chiropractor can Provide Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

Our chiropractor takes a multi-pronged approach to treating degenerative disc disease.

To relieve lumbar degenerative disc disease, we administer spinal decompression therapy. We can perform spinal decompression of the cervical spine region if you suffer degenerative disc disease in the neck.

With both of these treatments, our chiropractor uses a motorized traction table. We will strap you to the table, and then use a computer to administer a small amount of force on the spine. This force actually stretches your spine gently, creating space and a vacuum effect. Discs slide back into place, absorb fluid, and begin to recover. Your nerves and spine can heal with this pressure relieved.

We know that ergonomics play a role in exacerbating or relieving the pain you feel if you have degenerative disc disease. Our chiropractor will examine your posture and provide suggestions for relief. We can suggest better ways of lifting, sleeping, playing a favorite sport, or setting up your workstation. Let us also demonstrate exercises for back pain. When you modify your behaviors, you reduce the strain on your spine while undergoing spinal decompression treatments. You will also feel less pain every day.

See our Broomfield chiropractor today to begin treating your degenerative disc disease. To reserve your appointment, call us at (303) 466-3232 or complete the online appointment request form.


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